Only cat people know what it’s like to have an energetic feline indoors all day long: scratched furniture, irreplaceable toilet paper rolls, and chewed up shoes comprise the daily basic mess you’d normally have to deal with if you own a cat, that doesn’t have any playthings to focus on like maybe some interactive cat toys.

Yes, catnip balls are loved by pretty much every cat in the world, but they don’t always help them exercise and stay active as much as interactive toys can. As most cats love interaction, a great electrical mouse or a laser projector are some of the best available options you can get to serve as a great source of interaction. If you want your indoor pet to engage in a playing activity where they can pounce, run, and have fun, interactive toys are the way forward.

For this list, we’ve chosen ten of the best interactive cat toys you can surprise your cat with. Read on to check them out:

The Ripple Rug by SnugglyCat

Best for: Two or more cats

This huge thermal mat is a multi-function activity center that will keep busy more than one pet at the time. The box brings two rugs, one of them can be shaped differently every time, thanks to its Velcro touchpoints.

What’s great about this rug is that it’s made from recycled plastic bottles; which means that it is not fabric and you need not have to worry about your cat ripping it apart or choking on any threads. In addition to that, the holes on the upper layer act as groomers that remove loose fur while they play.

Due to its ability to be reshaped, it will keep cats entertained, active, and potentially away from any household furniture. The carpet is hypoallergenic, super easy to clean, and it will give your pets hundreds of hunting, scratching, and playing hours.

The size of the rug is 47”x35” so it would be a good idea to have enough space at home to spread it on the floor. It might be a tad too big but it will all be worth as long as it keeps your pet’s attention focused on the ripple mat.


Pioneer Pet Peek-A-Prize Toy by SmartCat

Best for: Curious cats

This peek-a-prize box is a heavy-duty wood toy with several cut-out holes on the surface through which your cat can try to catch one of the two toy balls it comes with.

This is a great toy for pets that like to get their paws into every hole they come across. As these are rotatable balls, it will keep them mentally and physically sharp.

Another great feature is that it works with any other toy, including catnip ones, so you can even add some more additional fun to a cat’s games. This type of game encourages your cat’s predatory behavior. However, keep in mind that if your pet is only a kitten, the box might be slightly dangerous as it has big holes where your small cat can get stuck.

This makes it a great choice for bigger cats who enjoy playing on their own.


Wireless Rat Toy by Patgoal

Best for: Active but non-destructive cats

The mouse toy is one of the most popular entertainments for cats you can find on the market. This one, however, is a somewhat an improved version of it, which is precisely what makes it interactive: it comes with a remote control system that allows you to play with your cat.

It can be bought in any of these three colors: black, gray, or brown, and it comes with a controller that can move the mouse forward and backward. It’s pretty simple to operate and both pieces work with batteries (the mouse uses AAA batteries while the controller uses AA)

With this realistic mouse, you can tease your pet or chase it around until it chases the mouse back. A good idea is to stop moving the rat once your cat catches it so they don’t end up breaking it to pieces.


Tower of Tracks by Petstages

Best for: Relaxed but playful cats and kittens

This small tower of moving balls can certainly provide loads of fun for your felines. With its three independent floors of toys, your pet will certainly be entertained trying to catch them all.

This toy is specially designed with brightly colored balls that can easily be replaced for any catnip ball on the market to make it even more exciting for your cat. Playing this game stimulates your cat’s senses while trying to hit the balls, and it has non-slip base pads to keep it from falling over.

It’s one of those great interactive cat toys that your pet can use on their own or with your help: the faster you move the balls, the crazier and more excited they’ll get. Also, because it keeps them engaged in trying to hunt down the balls, it also channels their hunting instincts in a positive way.

Tower of Tracks works well with two pets as well. It might be too small for three but a couple of pets can certainly have fun together on opposite sides of the toys, complementing the game as they send the ball to one another.


Hot Pursuit Cat Toy Concealed Motion by SmartyKat

Best for: Cats with energy to spare

Another pursuit game, this one is an electric toy that replicates the movements of prey to stimulate your cat while it chases the feathery end. The Hot Pursuit has a rounded shape and is easily put together so there is no need to worry about setting it up.

The central electrical base moves the feather wand around erratically to engage your cat into catching it, and because it has great dimensions and the feathers show up in different places, it also keeps your pet moving.

The toy has four different speeds and 2 replacement wands because the truth is that your cat will catch it and rip it apart eventually. Even if this happens you still have the option of attaching any feather toy at the end of the wand which should work just as well, as long as your pet is still interested in it.

This toy is safe and is all made from recycled plastic. It will keep your cat entertained and exercised, making it a perfect option for when you leave your pet alone if you go out.


Electric Rotate Feather Toys by FOCUSPET

Best for: Kittens

This interactive cat toy has two different game modes: a bat-the-ball on the bottom and a wand motion toy right in the middle. Although this fun center might be too small for your grown-up pet, it’s perfect for kitties and will keep them engaged for a long time.

Installation is fairly easy and the owner can be part of the game, too. The wand, if installed in the game disk, will automatically take turns so your cat can play with it; it can also be taken out of the base and used as a normal feather wand if you feel like playing with your pet.

This toy provides an opportunity to exercise daily, keeping your feline healthy and active. The ball will move around the tracks as your pet plays, stimulating their mind and senses. This toy is made from 50% recycled plastic. It functions quietly and doesn’t require a lot of space.


Cat Toy Collection by The Natural Pet Company

Best for: Cats who like to play with people, elderly cats

This might be the simplest yet the most stylish cat interactive toy on this list. The ideal option for a gift to give someone with a cat, this box comes with seven different toys for a cat owner to play with any feline. Because it is not electrical or cannot be used by your cat alone, it’s also great for building a playful relationship with your pet.

All the toys are made from natural wood, elastic, feathers, and sisal which is great, not only for the environment but also because your cat will be safe if they chew on them. 

This toy box is super affordable and both kittens and big cats will love them. It is also the perfect way to keep your old cat active since they become more sedentary as they grow older. In addition to that, if you have a pet that likes to spend time with people and loves being the center of attention, they will absolutely love these type of toys.

The package comes with three different types of toys including a wand and a mouse, which could also potentially keep your feline from bringing dead animals indoors if they like to chase birds and mice around.


Interactive Laser Toy by Friends Forever

Best for: Cats that like to sprint

This is a great toy for every cat out there because almost every feline goes crazy over a moving light on the floor. If you have ever tried teasing your cat with a laser, you’ll know how much fun this toy will provide.

Because its electric, it uses AA battery and it has 3 different rotations speed settings: slow, fast, and random. The diamond-shaped piece on the top of the toy will project a laser your pet can chase around the room.

The rotate patterns are completely random, allowing your cat to truly exercise, hunt, pounce, and chase for 15 minutes straight before turning off automatically. What’s best about this toy is that several cats can play together at the same time, chasing the laser as if they were hunting.

In addition to that, it’s a toy that can easily last a long time considering cats aren’t necessarily playing with the toy physically, as they are only interacting with the light emitted by it.


Senses Play Circuit by Catit

Best for: Two or more kitties/young cats

This play circuit is a very original interactive toy that will catch your kitten’s attention immediately: its peek-a-boo feature will not only show your cat where the ball is but it will also get them more interested in catching it.

The toy brings several pieces that are put together in a specific shape which can be changed or augmented with additional tracks. The tracks are sold by the same brand in case you are interested in building a huge circuit for your feline.

The box comes with a ball that is inserted in the tracks and can only be caught in certain open spots. However, your cat will be engaged as soon as they see the little ball moving around the transparent tunnels.

This is a toy that incorporates sight, touch, and sound in the game, and it’s specially designed to keep the cat moving from one place to another while hunting the ball down.


Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser by PetSafe

Best for: Food-driven cats

This interactive toy ball could not be more appropriate for chubby cats that don’t like to move around that much: once filled with food, it will keep them interested in trying to chase it and open it to get the treats inside.

This colorful ball can be bought in red, green, blue, or pink, it’s super cheap, and it won’t break down easily. The opening through which your pet can get treats is adjustable, making it easier or harder for them to reach the food.

If you have an overweight cat or a feline that’s interested in few things other than food, this ball will make them exercise and move around before eating. It’s big enough to fit 2/3 cup of most dry food, so filling it up a couple of times a day is a great way to make your pet play for a while when they’re hungry.



Most of the interactive cat toys you can buy will provide fun and exercise to your pets. However, the more you know your pet, the more accurate your game choice will be: kittens can deal with smaller toys and are entertained easily while cats that have incredible amounts of energy can have infinite fun with a laser projector.

If your feline likes to get their claws on the sofa, the best idea would be to get a rugged mat where they can scratch all want. And for much large cats with big bellies, the food ball is a great alternative to feeding them through exercise.

No matter what your cat likes, it’s always great to get them a little something that will help them stay active because physical activity is as important as diet when it comes to your feline’s health.