No, Amazon product support including payments will be taken care of by Amazon.

Due to very high shipping times; going over a month, we generally avoid shipping to Australia along with some countries in Asia, Africa and other very remote countries.

In most cases – No. Some countries do tend to charge custom fees on goods with a higher price tag. Low cost products are mostly exempt from these taxes, depending on the country you are in. We generally add the lower price when the item is shipped to make it clear to customs that it is a low cost item.

Yes. So far we haven’t had any such complaints but we are well aware that this situation could potentially crop up at anytime in the future as we continue to grow. If there is clear evidence that a product is defective, we will either offer you a replacement or issue a refund. Please contact support for further assistance.

Yes, tracking is available on all orders over $100 only.

Delivery times vary based on the country you are in. For example : One of our suppliers happens to be based within the United States which means, customers in neighbouring states receive their purchases within 3 days.

On the hand if the same supplier has to ship internationally, maintaining a similar delivery time would in most cases involve increasing the price to 2, 3 or even 4 times the value of the actual product price just to pay for the shipping cost. With that being said, a $9 product in the United States might end up being $27 in the UK. In order to keep the same price worldwide, we choose the best low cost shipping options available to us but the delivery time will increase, especially for remote locations.

You don’t need to have a Paypal account to make payment. You can use your Debit and Credit cards to make payments and the processing will be done through Paypal.

It might be a good idea to apply for a free Paypal account because it makes refunds – if any, a lot easier.

Right now, we only accept payments via Paypal for all international transactions.

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