Firemantis - Should I buy a PS4, Xbox One or a gaming PC

Should I buy a PS4, Xbox One or a gaming PC? This is a question that a lot of people tend to have when it comes to making a decision on the right gaming system to buy. 

Personal Computer (PC)/Laptops

Should I buy a PS4, Xbox One or gaming PC?



If you go in for a PC you will usually find all the games available on the Xbox and PS4 at your local store or an online shop. Depending on the kind of PC/Laptop you purchase you can always expect better performance for your games on a computer – the most important things for you to look at is your graphics card and memory. I’m sure a lot of people already known this but computer games are still a lot cheaper than Xbox and PS4 games and more often than not you can play games that were made years ago.


Even though most computers handle most game well, if you are looking for a good gaming computer you might end up paying a little more. There is sometimes massive price differences depending on brand and specifications which be problematic in decision making. You are still going to end up paying more for a computer than you would for a PS4 or an Xbox.


Should I buy a PS4, Xbox One or a gaming PC?



If you go in for a PS4, you get the benefit of high resolution for your games. This does not make any difference when compared to a good gaming PC but if you compare this to a basic gaming computer you will start to notice that the PS4 is better. The PS4 is also better than the Xbox when it comes to resolution. When you look at the cost of games it is still cheaper to buy when compared to the Xbox one.


The price for the PS4 is on the higher side when compared to a basic PC and an Xbox but the prices do tend to change. Sometimes you will find that the PS4 is higher and sometimes the Xbox one is higher.

Xbox one


Should I buy a PS4, Xbox One or a gaming PC?




Xbox one wins over the PS4 when it comes to connectivity because it has a lot more ports and the controller for the Xbox one also lasts a lot longer than the PS4. The backwards compatibility is not as good as the PC for the Xbox one but it is still a lot better than the PS4.


You have access to more exclusives on the PS4 than you do on the Xbox one and the user interface is not as good as the PS4.


A computer is overall a better option compared to both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 if you are looking for an infinite amount of games old and new. You can also do a whole of other stuff on a computer than you can on a Xbox One or PS4. You also have a lot of customization options to choose or build the kind of system that is right for you.

If all you want to do is gaming and nothing else a Playstation 4 is a better option.

Xbox One if you like EA Access for unlimited access to EA games for a monthly fee.

Rank 1 —— PC

Rank 2 —— PS4

Rank 3 —— Xbox One