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When it comes to gift giving, both men and women can be difficult to shop for, mostly because most of us usually end up buying whatever we need or want all by ourselves. But, what you will also need to know is sometimes – most of us don’t even know what we want until we see or find out about it eventually especially when it is some kind of unique gadget. Turning to the world of technology, electronics and gadgets opens us up to a wider variety of options in an ever changing world. Staying on top of trends, and finding the hottest items out there that anyone would love to receive, we’ve compiled a list of more than twenty tech toys you or someone you know might absolutely love and we hope that this list will serve as a guide or at the very least give you some ideas on what to buy.

Under $100 Steals

These fun finds range from office conversation sparkers to must have tech that will make your life more organized, and more fun! The best part? They are all priced at just a hundred bucks or less and maybe you’ll even find a nice little gadget you’ll like as well.

The Pixie

Don’t let the name fool you, these little tags are a lifesaver! Attaching a “Pixie” to your valuables, like your keys, phones, laptops, etc, enables you to track them when they get lost. The “Pixie” unlike other trackers, doesn’t use sound to help you locate your items. The manufacturers realizing you might not always be able to hear where the beeps are coming from installed a special function in this gadget; if the sound is not going to be enough, the “Pixie” uses this function that allows you to actually see your items with a step by step visual guide that leads you straight to your item which you can see right on your phone! Considering how much of a hassle and expense it might be to replace lost items, the “Pixie” is a low cost, user friendly tool that is sure to be genuinely appreciated.

must have gadgets for men

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

For the person who has everything, this super savvy Rocketbook is perfect for professionals, students, creatives, or anyone who enjoys using a pen and paper. The Rocketbook is a generous 80 pages of dot gridded paper that you can use like any notebook, but with the added ability of sending your notes into the cloud using your smartphone. When you’ve filled your notebook up using the Pilot FriXion pen you can erase it and start all over again using your microwave or a similar heat source; the heat from the microwave actually makes the ink disappear. The Rocketbook is reusable up to five times, which means up to four hundred pages of use! This is an affordable gift that all ages will enjoy and appreciate.

must have gadgets for men


We use, and take, our phones everywhere, which means they pick up germs from everywhere. The locker room, the office lunchroom, the bathroom. Considering the number of times a day that thing is in your hands, or by your face, it’s no surprise there is a product out there to sanitize your phone. PhoneSoap 2.0 is a portable sanitation device that uses UV-C light to kill germs and bacteria on the surface of your phone. It has been updated to now fit all phones, and can even charge it with its universal charging port. It takes just ten short minutes for this cool little gadget to sanitize your phone, making it the perfect buy for anyone who thinks about buying this sort of gadget.


LectroFan Sound Machine

Ideal for those who always have to sleep with the fan on (or maybe those who have to put up with the people who have to sleep with the fan on), we present; for your consideration, the LectroFan Sound Machine. This handy little electronic gadget plays a variety of sounds; including white noise, several different fan settings, and an ocean soundtrack. With volume levels from whisper soft up to levels several times higher than an actual fan, even the pickiest sleepers are sure to find something that soothes him/her. The gadget also works as a bluetooth speaker and is very portable, which makes it ideal to take with you during long road trips, and other travel destinations where you might have to sleep away from home.

must have gadgets for both men and women


AUKEY Dashcam

If you, or your loved ones are always on the road, then this dashcam gadget might be just the thing to document those travels. The AUKEY has a 170 degree wide angle lens, not to mention night vision, which means you can use it no matter what time you need to travel. The AUKEY Dashcam also has an “Emergency Recording Mode” designed to start recording during unexpected movements or sudden stops, which could be extremely useful after an emergency situation. It can also help you create a really interesting time lapse video of your journey. At just under a hundred bucks, this neat little gadget is an investment in your car’s tech toolbox.

must have gadgets for both men and women

Phillips Wake-up Light Alarm Clock

If you have trouble getting up in the morning, perhaps you need a more natural approach. The Phillips Wake-up Light Alarm Clock is not your ordinary alarm. The Phillips Wake-up Light Alarm is designed to wake up with your own personal mini-sunrise, right in your bedroom. Thirty minutes before your alarm would normally blare talk radio into your ears, the Wake-up Light begins to glow, increasing in brightness over half an hour until you are fully awake. The belief is that waking up this way helps you to start your day more naturally and with more energy. You can also use the Wake-Up Light as a bedside lamp for a bit of late reading, or if you need to get up in the middle of the night. If you are worried about a silent wake up, this useful little gadget also has a back up beeper for insurance.

must have gadgets for both men and women

Vintar Motion Activated Toilet Night Light

This low cost gift is great for anyone who shares a bathroom, or just hates flipping on bright lights in the middle of the night. The Vintar Motion Activated Toilet Night Light is a small, LED light with multiple color effects and varying levels of brightness. It works at night, has approximately a minute long cycle, and is motion activated. It lights when you enter the room, and flips off when you leave. While perhaps not the most glamorous of gifts, it’s practicality for everyone in a home, making it a clever choice, especially due to its low cost.

must have gadgets for both men and women

Onetwo USB LED Clock Fan

This simple, yet exciting little gadget is perfect for the desk job enthusiast. This little fan features pvc blades, a bendable neck for angling it just right, and a super fun, real time, LED clock display that appears to be floating. It simply plugs into your computer’s USB port or just able any USB slot with a power supply, and you’re ready to go. This is an eye catching, affordable, fun little piece of tech that is sure to spark some conversations around the cubicle if you use it at the office.

must have gadgets for both men and women

DreamSpa AquaFan

If you like being pampered, this twelve inch, chrome shower head will do the trick. It’s designed to give the user a “rainfall” shower experience with a hundred and twenty three jets. It has a unique built in sensor that can detect your water’s temperature, and actually “show” it to you via it’s color changing, LED light display. It can show you if the water is too cool (blue), or if it’s to hot, over 122 degrees (flashing red), also showing several variances in between, so no more tricky shower entrances. The best part is, this shower head is powered by your running water, so you don’t ever have to change or charge the batteries.

must have gadgets for both men and women

MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

If you have a coffee lover or if you are one yourself, who enjoys a good shot of Espresso, this handheld “MiniPresso” is a great gift to give or receive. Requiring no batteries, or charging, this ultra modern, sleek design espresso maker can produce a quality shot of espresso, by hand, almost anywhere! This could be a great addition for any outdoor enthusiast’s kit, or just for use around the home or office.

must have gadgets for both men and women

PYRUS 320ml Smart Cup

Getting enough water in your day is vital to your health, energy and clarity of mind, but remembering can be tough, especially when it’s so easy to grab a soda, or coffee on the go. The PYRUS Smart Cup offers a solution with eight timed water reminders to encourage you to drink more water throughout the day. It also displays the date and time on the front of your bottle, which could be useful if you were logging your intake. A simple, user friendly health tool made smarter.

must have gadgets for both men and women

High End Must Haves

Don’t let the price tags of these next items scare you away, these must have, high end finds will make you feel like you are living in tomorrow. They are the perfect gift inspirations for those harder to shop for people who seem to “have it all”.

Subpac M2

Music lovers and gamers rejoice, the Subpac M2 is like a dream come true. The Subpac M2 is a wearable piece of audio tech, that sort of looks like a bullet proof vest (but isn’t, obviously), that takes you a step farther than just hearing your music or games, it makes you feel it through deep, pulsing vibrations. It elevates gaming, music, and especially virtual reality from ordinary to extraordinary. This tech is an amazing tool for everyone, and could have great impact for those who are hard of hearing, or deaf. It has an amazing team of people standing behind it too, including music’s Timbaland, NBA’s Kyrie Irving and tech giant Andy Rubin. With it’s impressive stats, multiple use features, and product compatibility list, it’s a sure win for anyone who wants a deeper audio experience.

must have gadgets for both men and women

Pico Craft Brewing System

The Pico craft brewing system is the gift that keeps on giving. This sleek machine helps you to create fresh brews from around the world, at home. It is similar to those little pod coffee machines, in the way that you can select flavors of craft brew from master brewers from more than a hundred locations. The process seems relatively simple and just takes a few days, then you have a fresh, expertly created brew recipe that you made yourself at home. Adult beverage enthusiasts are sure to love this innovative way to try drinks that may not be available at local retailers, making this worth splurging on.

must have gadgets for both men and women

Lifepack Solar Powered Backpack

If you find that you are always on the go, the Lifepack Solar Powered Backpack makes it easier than ever to take life, or work, with you. It not only holds your stuff (including your laptop), it charges them with a built in solar power bank, which could be incredible when traveling, camping, hiking etc. The bag also features several hidden pockets to protect your gear, a retractable lock, easily accessible side USB port and a built in bluetooth speaker. It reportedly builds one full extra charge for every four hours of full sunlight exposure. Mobility marries technology in the most awesome way with the Lifepack Solar Powered Backpack.

must have gadgets for both men and women

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid

If you are a Star Wars fan, or maybe you’ve just always really wanted your own droid, this fun gadget isn’t just for the kiddos! Not only can you guide BB-8’s movements using your smartphone or tablet like you’d expect, but he will even listen and respond to your voice, but it gets even better than that. Fulfilling your every childhood wish, you can also record and view virtual holographic videos. BB-8 also exhibits autonomous traits, and will adapt and change according to your interactions. Buying BB-8 is like buying a piece of childhood, and at just over a hundred bucks, it’s worth the money.

must have gadgets for both men and women

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Smart Safe

This is not just your run of the mill pistol safe, this is a high tech piece of equipment that anyone can appreciate! The Vaultek VT20i Biometric Smart Safe uses an interactive bluetooth app that allows you to check battery life, lighting levels inside your safe, or even remotely unlock your safe. The safe itself provides intense protection with anti-impatch latches, anti-pry bars, 16 gauge carbon steel construction and more to prevent against theft. You’ll feel like you’ve walked into a Bond film using the biometric fingerprint scanner to access your belongings! It’s the perfect investment for storing valuables such as a gun, cash, important documents and more.

must have gadgets for both men and women

ZEEQ Smart Pillow

You spend eight hours (more or less) in bed, which is a big part of your day, and health. It only makes sense to invest in that period of time. The ZEEQ Smart Pillow claims it can help you do just that, so you can get the most out of your nightly slumber. It features Tencel Botanic Fabric covers, which are designed to keep you cool, foam filling, and some pretty cool tech, considering this is a pillow. For example, the ZEEQ can tell when you are snoring, so the pillow will then gently vibrate, encouraging you to adjust sleeping position. It also has a built in sleep tracker (checking for things like how loud you snored, how long you were asleep etc), as well as a smart alarm which will reportedly wake you in a customized manner. The ZEEQ is a tech filled way to give (or receive) a great night’s rest.

must have gadgets for both men and women

Pawbo Life Pet Camera (2nd Gen)

If you have a favorite pet you can’t quite stand to leave alone, the Pawbo is a multifunction electronic that does more than allow you to record your pet. This gadget also a built in microphone and speaker allowing you to speak with your pet, or hear them. Additionally, it has a treat dispenser so you can give your dog a well deserved snack while you’re away, and a laser for fun interaction. You can use it with your iphone or android, and even upload pics to your favorite social media sites. If dog is man’s best friend, then the Pawbo is the perfect gift for keeping in touch with your best buds, no matter where your day takes you.

must have gadgets for both men and women

SWAGTRON T6 Off-road Hover Board

Nothing says trendy, electronic gadget like a hoverboard. This, however, is not your ordinary hoverboard, this is an off-road hover board. Yep, let that one sink in. It’s able to hold up to four hundred and twenty pounds, it has an approximately twelve mile range, and can reach speeds of up to twelve miles per hour. Its rugged tires actually allow it to go “off road,” and the SWAGTRON also features self balance technology. Like any good modern toy, it can also play music through your phone with Bluetooth. A great gift to get around on or just have fun with.

must have gadgets for both men and women

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+

If you are a fishing enthusiast, or maybe just know one, the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is getting rave reviews. This little fishing gadget is being compared by the company as “something that used to be available only on expensive fishing boats.” This fish finder uses sonar to help you locate fish, it also has adjustable color pictures, a five hour charge life, and it works with your phone. It works in both fresh, or salt water, on shore or out on the water. A great addition to any tech savvy fisher’s box!

must have gadgets for both men and women

Echo SHOW 

You’ve heard of Amazon’s Echo (“Alexa….”), but now they’ve topped it with the newest tech out there, the “Echo Show!” It still has all the great features of the original Echo, but with the added benefit of users being able to see the response. For example, the Echo might present you with Youtube videos, song lyrics, recipes and more. You can even have video conversations with others who own an Echo Show. Just plug it in, connect to the internet and you are ready to go. Its an amazing piece of tech that allows you to stay more connected and focused than ever before.

must have gadgets for both men and women

That concludes our list of some of the best tech you can buy for yourself or your loved ones. If you know something very unique like some of the items on this list especially a useful gadget, be sure to let me know and I might just add it to the list. If you enjoyed this post, please be sure to share it using the share options below and check out the rest of the stuff on the website.