Valid from July 20th 2017

FOR PRODUCTS HOSTED ON AMAZON does not ask for nor store any information like credit card details, addresses or any other information not required for the functioning of this website, everything from payments to checkout details will all be taken care of by Amazon who in turn may pay Firemantis for any sales completed.

As delivery and purchase is solely taken care of by Amazon, Firemantis does not take responsibility for any failed transactions or delivery made on Amazon.

The prices on Firemantis will be exactly the same as it is on Amazon. You can verify the prices on Amazon directly via before making any purchase if necessary.

In the unlikely event these prices do differ, please allow some time to pass before checking them again.

FOR PRODUCTS HOSTED ON FIREMANTIS processes its payments through Paypal to maintain safe transactions. We do not ask for nor store any information like credit card details or any other sensitive information not required for the functioning of this website.

In order to deliver items we require some basic information like name, address and a phone number which will be used to properly deliver items to a customer’s doorstep.

We offer refunds only on individual products worth over $50 to cope with the massive global shipping costs for both Firemantis and its customers as sometimes shipping costs can be way more than the actual product itself. Return shipping costs will be paid for by the buyer if the product is being returned and will need to be sent to the supplier’s address. Customers are also required to provide valid evidence of damage to an item to qualify for a replacement/refund. Refunds will be initiated only after the product has been returned. If a refund situation does arise, the best course of action would be to contact us using the contact form on the website as you may be qualify for refunds on items below $50 in some cases. Goods that are shipped as part of free promotions do not quality for refunds.

We are not responsible for any customs or import taxes levied on goods, this may be the case in some countries especially with goods that are expensive.

Delivery times may vary based on the countries the item is being shipped to but if item/s do not reach a customer’s doorstep within 30 days, the customer has the right to demand a refund. Most items should be delivered within 1 or 2 week but in some rare cases they may take all the way up to 5 or 6 weeks to delivered. Some of the reasons for this late delivery could be because of heavy orders or unforeseen problems delivering the item to a location.